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You will find all kinds of vehicle refinishing non paint products within the catalogue of products marketed by ZAPHIRO .
ZAPHIRO's products and services enable the improvement of our associates' management and achieve more effectiveness and profitability in paint shops.

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ZAPHIRO offers the wide and recognised top quality sprayguns in the DeVilbiss range and their whole range of replacement parts. We also present the Clean line, where DeVilbiss is developing supplementary products for paint shops, for which ZAPHIRO will be their sole partner in Spain.

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ZAPHIRO has reached an agreement with the renowned German manufacturer HEDSON TECHNOLOGIES to distribute 100% of its products in Spain.

Hedson is a leading supplier of premium curing, lifting and cleaning solutions for tyre-, body- and paint shops as well as industry worldwide. Its brands IRT, Trisk, Herkulesand Drester are designed to be used faster, better and more profitably by its customers.

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As the official and exclusive distributor on the Iberian Peninsula of the French company MIX PLAST, ZAPHIRO offers this line of specialised products to repair plastic parts along with very high quality (polyurethane and epoxy) glues as well as a wide range of staples and accessories for repairs. Mixplast also offers the latest technology on the market with a wireless machine featuring 6 power levels, a 3-position rotary head and an extension lead to reach complicated areas which is capable of welding staples very quickly up to 0.9 mm. Besides a stapler, it is also a welder. The most complete, quick and best shop solution for repairing plastics.

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As the official SPRAY MAX distributor in Spain, ZAPHIRO offers the innovative aerosol technology for automotive shop professionals by the German manufacturer Peter Kwasny which, due to the speed, efficiency and low-resource consumption, is ideal for minor repairs, touch-ups and in-shop conservation of lock and paint. The SprayMax line combines the mobility and flexibility of an aerosol paint bottle with the application properties of a professional paint gun and includes a complete painting system with the necessary products and tones, aerosols with bi-component (2K) technology, variator spray heads (the pattern is adjustable vertically and horizontally) and offers the possibility of filling containers with the FillClean device, which minimises machine filling and cleaning times.

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ZAPHIRO offers aerosol paint for minor repairs, tuning and DIY by Auto-K, one of the other brands made by the German manufacturer Peter Kwasny. Nowadays, original Auto-K products enable quick repairs at a good price with a perfect colour fit. The catalogue includes everything from heat-resistant aerosols and primers to different colour paints for the visible brake parts, rim paint, transparent colours, paint with chrome and neon white effects, etc.

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ZAPHIRO also offers its customers BELTON spray paint for decorating and DIY by the German manufacturer Peter Kwasny. Belton establishes high quality standards in easy-to-use products, a more enjoyable application process and excellent results with delicate shapes, patterns and objects. The complete catalogue includes primer, heat-resistant and metallic paint as well as paint with chrome, gold, copper or bronze effects in addition to an interesting standard RAL (SpectRAL) colour palette array.

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ZAPHIRO puts at your disposal, the Multona automobile paint repair system. Ideal system for an easy, fast and profitable painting repair, by means of paint sprays and retouching brushes. Broad spectrum of more than 400 colors with current trends of the automotive industry.
 Large rack (100 cm wide): maximum capacity 308 Multona color sprays, 78 AK sprays for auxiliary products and 216 Multona touch-up brushes. Small rack (66 cm wide): maximum capacity 198 Multona color sprays, 54 AK sprays of auxiliary products and 108 touch-up brushes.
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