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  • January 2005The interest shown by some of the current ZAPHIRO associates in the previous years starts paying off with the initial meetings to successfully drive this new and ambitious project.
  • June 2005After a the first contact is made and agreements are reached, the 25 associates establish ZAPHIRO with the aim of joining synergies for purchasing items from suppliers and procuring common services in order to improve the results of bodyshop repair.
  • November 2005The market sees the launch of the first ZAPHIRO-branded Non Paint products (tape and masking paper, film and plastic film with tape). Our dream of selling a proprietary brand becomes a reality.
  • March 2007 Due to the market demand and the confidence shown on our products, ZAPHIRO extends its product portfolio with solvents, strainers, mixing cups and abrasive materials.
  • September 2010 The ZAPHIRO brand commences its internationalization process. As of today, we serve several European countries by relying upon local importers.
  • October 2011 DeVilbiss, the English manufacturer, chooses ZAPHIRO Partner in Spain and Portugal to distribute and commercialise sprayguns, parts and filters.
  • January 2012 Herkules, a German manufacturer, designates ZAPHIRO as their sole official distributor for Spain and Portugal, with the aim of distributing and marketing their wide portfolio of workshop equipment.
  • January 2013 ZAPHIRO signs an agreement with Facdos for the exclusive distribution of their wide catalogue of innovative polishing compounds.
  • June 2014 Joining of new partners allowing us to extend our geographical reach as ZAPHIRO dealers.
  • September 2014 Set up of the online marketing development strategy, launching the new ZAPHIRO website with the "Zaphiro, Made for you" slogan, and entry to the exciting world of social media.
  • February 2015 ZAPHIRO’s newinternational organisational structure is created and the first International Meeting of Distributors takes place in the new 1000 m2 facilities in Germany.
  • July 2015 ZAPHIRO reaches a distribution agreement for Spain, with the leading German company in the European market Kwasny, for the whole Spray line including renowned brand Spray Max, as well as Autok, Spraila and Belton.
  • October 2015 ZAPHIRO reaches a distribution agreement in Spain and Portugal for the entire line of products for the repair of plastics from the French company Mixplast
  • May 2016 ZAPHIRO inaugurates its training centre-show room in Madrid, gathering the company’s distribution network to present the latest changes in its product catalogue.
  • September 2016 ZAPHIRO reaches a distribution agreement as the exclusive official Spanish market importer for 100% of HEDSON TECHNOLOGIES’s products and brands.
  • August 2016 ZAPHIRO reaches a distribution agreement with Philips and adds a range of Philips MatchLine coloured lamps to its offering.
  • February 2017 ZAPHIRO reaches an agreement with the Spanish distributor Hoyos for the exclusive distribution in Spain and Portugal of its innovative SIROCCO drying system.
  • March 2017 ZAPHIRO participates in the Motortec Automechanika trade fair (The leading International Fair for the Automotive Industry in Spain) with a 90 m2 stand in pavilion 6.
  • October 2018 ZAPHIRO doubles the dimensions of its central warehouse with more than 1000 m2 of surfacearea.
  • March 2019 ZAPHIRO participates again in MotortecAutomechanika Madrid 2019 Fair with a 130 m2 stand in Hall 6. 

The history of ZAPHIRO dates back to the dawn of 2005. It is the response to the long shown interest by most of its partners, who are professionals in the industry of distribution, in having proprietary products that combine versatility, variety, differentiation, quality, service, value and independence.

Our start was modest: we distributed tape and masking paper and, after being settled, we stepped forward to include plastic film and film with tape.

After two years, the interest and market demands lead us to trade solvents, strainers, mixing cups and abrasive materials.

As we always seek more, we gradually expanded our wide portfolio to enhance the range of products in our catalogue, with more than 50 products of our own.
At present, we are a consolidated, requested and respected company that supplements the demands of the bodyshop market, because we have understood their needs.

ZAPHIRO, as a young and professional company, counts on the necessary dynamism for seeking products and finding solutions for the market problems. To do so, its staff is well qualified and engaged, from the management level to the front-end service professionals.

At ZAPHIRO, we analyse the market requirements, provide commercial support, elaborate a logistics plan for the distribution within the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and support the importers located in several countries with effective products showcased in a catalogue that is both adequate and comprehensible for the end customer.

In order to offer an enhanced service, we are importers of renowned brands in the industry, like DeVilbiss, Facdos or Herkules, which we deem necessary due to their relevance and strategy.